Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of me from today:



Here's one of Me, Daddy, and brother Landon


And here is a picture of my neighbor kitty, Scabby:

Scabby is the kitty I was telling you all about in my other post. His growth is still there. Mommy is seeing him less and less. Hope that he is okay. Mommy is planning on going over and talking with Scabby's parents soon. I really hope he is okay and that it isnt anything bad. Mommy would cry if something happened to him. She says that he makes her day when he comes over to greet her when she comes home a lot. (But, that i make her night by cuddling up with her at bedtime..hehe)
Purrrs, Gizmo


The Crew said...

Gizmo, I tagged you for a meme! Come to my page and see how it works.

Max S

Daisy said...

Hi Gizmo! It looks like nap time at your house! I am a little worried about Scabby. I hope he is okay, too.

meemsnyc said...

Sleep time with the beans! How nice.