Monday, April 28, 2008

Orange Boy

Just wanted to say I hope Orange Boy gets better. Poor fella, He is in my purrayers today!

I havent been back outside yet. Mommy & Daddy have had unexpected visitors a lot lately and havent had the time. Also, I am locked out of the bathroom, which means I can't get to my cup to drink. They put a bowl of water in my bedroom, but it's not the same. I want my cup! Not Fair!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting A Leash!

Mommy and Daddy are going to the store to get me a leash. I have never liked going outside, but lately I have been trying to get out the front door every time they open it. I will post a picture of me outside in it when we get back! I can't wait. Also, they told me they are going to get some catnip to grow for me! Yay!!! Can this day get any better?!!!

EDIT: Ok, So the leash thing didnt go as well as I had planned. I finally got it on, and was slowly making my way outside the door and wham, my big brother Landon decided to push me b/c I wasnt going fast enough. So, then I got mad and ran back in and wiggled out of my harness and hid from him. He is mean sometime, but Mommy tells me he just wants to love on me, but I dont really want him to. Maybe Mommy & Daddy will let me try again today. And maybe they won't let Landon mess with me.

It's Friday!

First I would like to thank everyone for being so nice and welcoming me!!!
I received the picture in my e-mail as well. It was very sweet!

Lookie what I got into for breakfast! Mommy's french toast with strawberries and whipped cream! Ooo it was so good.

Then, I had to have a drink, so I made my mommy put some water in my cup in the bathtub. I don't like it out of my kitty bowl anymore. This is more fun. I like to knock the cup over and spill the water everywhere when I'm done.

Also, when I mentioned I have 2 little brothers, I meant human brothers, sorry! I forgot to tell you all that. Here is a picture of them from Easter :

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My First Bloggy

Hello there all!
My name is Gizmo and I am a tuxedo cat with a bob-tail. I am approximately 10 years old and still going strong.

I live in Alabama with my mommy, daddy and two little brothers who are 20 months and 7 weeks old. I don't care for them too much. Landon the oldest, tries to catch me and squish me sometimes. So, I hiss and slap at him and run away.

I enjoy sitting in open windows in the summer watching birdies and squirrels. I also like the 'nip. It makes me go crazy for a while. Mommy and Daddy always laugh at me. Also, I make them leave me a cup of water in the bathtub so that I can get in there and drink it and playing it...I like to wash my paws sometimes too.

Last night Landon pushed me into the water when Mommy was running it for a bath. I got mad and jumped out and had to take my own bath.

Here are a few pictures of me: