Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I guess it's about time..

..that I got back to posting on here. Things have been crazy with all the holiday stuffs. So, I got a new kitty bed for Christmas! It looks just like the one Whimpurr's kitties have that I saw on a video on her blog!!! How cool is that? I don't sleep in mine when people are awake. I dont want them to see me actually using it. So, when they go to sleep, that's when I snuggle into it. But, I have been caught a few times already.
So, how did the Holidays go for all of you? I hope you all got lots of goodies to play with and eat.
Apparently, someone came to our house that was/has been sick and didnt tell us. So, Landon, the 2yr old bean, is congested and sneezing and just not feeling good. Mommy hates it when people dont care about getting kids sick. Ugh! Oh, and also Eli, 9 months, has to get his shots today. They are his 6 month shots, but mommy and daddy decided to wait a while before he got anymore b/c they hate babies getting shots. Autism is one in 100 for boys. So, he is getting these shots 3-almost 4 months later. Anyway, I gotta let mommy get on here and check something before they have to go get those shots. Can you all say Tylenol?!? Yeah, for Eli to help the shots not be so bad. Redfurd, I havent forgotten about you! I am so very sorry I wasnt able to be on here and to send you a little something for Christmas. But, I hope you did get lots of goodies anyway. Want to come over later and snuggle in my new kitty bed?


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all get lots of stinky goodness and toys. I have received some Christmas cards from you all and they put a smile on my face. I am very sorry I havent been able to send one back to you all in return.
Daddy finally get his bonus, but it's all gone already from some things called "bills"..but, I got some stinky goodness and a clean litter box and that is all I want!!

Merry Christmas to my handsome mancat, Redfurd!!!!! *kisses*

Love you all!
& April, Michael, Eli, and Landon!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad News

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Mom's been very busy working on Christmas presents. She's crocheting hats and scarfs for everyone. Like 15 to get done in what...15 days now. She has 7 left so slowly but surely.
Anyway, internet is still not on. Money is really really tight right now. So Christmas is going to not be as good as it was going to be. See the big high up boss people of Daddys can't decide how much his bonus is going to be. They usually have it by Thanksgiving and now the rumor is it may not be until the first of the year but maybe early as the 22nd of December. We were really counting on this money to get bills caught up but its not happening. I don't know what we're gonna do. I may be having to just post this way with no pictures for a while. Sorry Redfurd, no new pictures!
Ooooo Mommy is PiSsEd at a darn dog too! Some stupid person let their rabid mean dog out and he KILLED our neighbor kitty,Scabby!!!! This was Saturday I think. Scabby's bean daddy was outside waiting for him with a gun but couldn't get him. We are scared that this dog will hurt one of the kids (they have a little girl). Landon likes to run in the yard when going to or from the car & the dog could run up & hurt him. Mom doesn't even want to walk to the mailbox. Apparently the dog killed other kitties recently too. One lady thinks she knows who he belongs to and that the lady could care less what her dog has done. So Colin our neighbor(Scabbys owner) is going to look into it. Don't get them wrong we all love doggies and Colin has 3, but with what this one did, it is unforgiveable. Scabby was such a sweet and loveable cat. He seemed as much ours as he was theirs. He would run over to greet us every time we went outside. And now he's gone because some lady let her beast into a neighborhood full of KIDS and other small pets. Ok, this is just getting me worked up again so I'm gonna go. Just wanted to leave a little update on everything...and to sum up in one word....BAD!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

April here: Well the power is back on as of yesterday afternoon. However now its our cable internet that's all screwy. I was told they are working on the lines around here for that digital changeover stuff in February. The cable itself is fine. Its just the internet. Whatever! I am paying a pretty penny to have it so it better be working soon! I swear if it's not one thing it's something else! Can you tell it's been a rough few days? Lol. And yes, I am typing this at 3-something in the morning. Eli has been fussing all night. Waking me up every little bit. It's going to be a long day...So, I hope you all have a nice Hump Day!
Here's Giz...
Hey everyone. I am awake and up with Mommy. She's had a rough day so I am following her around and meowing very loudly to make her feel better. She keeps telling me to be quiet, to not wake Eli back up.
Oh, and Redfurd *sigh* I would love to come by for some snuggles!
Well, I hope everyone is inside and nice and toasty today!
See you all later. I will try to leave a few comments but its a lot slower doing it from a BlackBerry. Toodles!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Power

No pictures today. I am posting from mom's phone. Our power is off. Apparently there were problems with the check last month. But they can't figure out why. So, daddy is at the utility department trying to show them it cleared. Lights are ok to be off but power for our electric heaters is not. This is the one time they are glad they have gas heat too and its not off. So, when its back on later I will post a picture

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh man, It's Monday...

Well, it's been a long weekend. We had daddy's foster parents over and they made a mess in the kitchen..er, cooked some foods. Yeah, that's what we'll call it. Mom made some of the most delicious ham I have ever eated!!! Everybody said so! I got some since it was a special day.
So, mom has also made 2 scarfs in that time. One took less than a day and the other was her first and took a bit more time to figure out. Now, with some left over yarn, she is going to make me one of these: She found this picture when doing a search for crochet/knit cat toys and is going to make me one!!! Yay! I can't wait.
Well, mom says she needs the 'puter to look up more pattens for her crochet stuff.
I hope everyone had a nice and safe Thanksgiving. OH, and it's snowing here in NW Alabama right now!!! May not "stick" but if there IS some accumulated when daddy gets home, the beans will get to go out and play in it. I usually get taken out so I can smell the snowflakes. It's fun when they land on my nose because they tickle!
Ok, Ok,Mommy. I am done now!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

I love sleeping on any random pieces of clothes. Especially Daddy's!

PeeEss: Mommy has signed up to make money online doing surveys! Fun stuff. She's already got quite a bit accumulated. Hmmm, maybe this means more Temptations for me!!!! I have included a link incase you would like to check it out. I promised Mom I'd post about it if she gave me some stinky goodness for breakfast, so...here I am posting about it!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pictures of the tree for Whimpurr!

Here are some pictures of our Christmas tree! Actually, they are from last year, but it still looks exactly the same. Mommy made the tree skirt and painted many of the ornaments so they were all Tennessee Volunteers colors. Onlybecause you can't find any Tennessee Christmas stuff down here in Alabama. It's all Alabama and Auburn..boo!!! lol...I will see if I can find some of the pictures of the ornaments close up and post those aswell so you can see how good mommy did!
PeeEss: Don't mind the curtains over the top of the window. That's because the beans pull on them...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rainy Monday in Alabama

Mommy saw this on Redfurd's blog and just had to have it. She says it's hard to blog everyday while trying to potty train a 2 yr old and keep up with an almost walking 8 month old. So, this way it makes us not feel as bad about not posting for a few days!This is me on Halloween, I think I am pretty with my goatee and my Cindy Crawford mole-spot beside my nose. Lol!! What do you all think?

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving, which means it's almost Christms!! I better get started on Red's present!!! But, I can't tell you what it is b/c he will read this and know what I am getting/making! hehe

Purrs to you all, ~Gizmo

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ok, just what i need...another something to update. But, it's going to not just be for me, Mommy is going to use it for her and the beans too. So, here's the link.

Can you believe that she did the x4 but that doesnt include me in the count! grrr, It's okay b/c I got my own bloggy.

I have already found Daisy, so I am currently following her! Do any of you other kitties have twitter?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Maniac Monday

I'm calling it Maniac Monday because I am on a rampage thru the house this morning! I am jumping on and off everything and getting into cabinets that dont have the child lock things. I found where they hide my stinky goodness, but mom saw me and I ran away. There is a lot of fluffing of random stuff as well. Like the table leg, mommy's leg, a suitcase, the floor...to name a few. Oh, and I also randomly lick certain spots on the floor too. Nothing there, just gotta lick it!

Mommy says all of this may be because it's colder. I have no idea. I jus know that I am in a very good mood!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Lazy Sunday

Well, it's another lazy Sunday around here. I'm gonna sleep. Mom's gonna do her CVS'ing/coupon thing. And Daddy and the beans will probably watch some football, nascar, and cartoons. Yep, not much happenin around here but check out this picture the mama took. It didn't load all the way for some reason, but I think it's funny. I am not mad, just in the process of blinking. lol. SCARY!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally Friday

It's been a long week. But seems kinda short because Daddy only worked 3 days this week. I am happy it is Friday because I can relax and get lots of scritchins over the weekend.
Grandma had surgery on Monday and is doing well. She came home Wednesday afternoon and has been lounging on the couch ever since. She has to be out of school, she's a teacher, for a whole month. Oh and while they were at the hospital Great-Grandma was feeling very bad. She has lots of problems with her older age and they said she was sitting in a wheel chair so she didnt have to walk around and all a sudden her head just fell over and she was non-responsive for a bit. She woke up or whatever it was and said she wanted to take a pain pill. So, they found an empty bed and had her lie down for a bit. Things are going down not slowly, but not fast too, for great-grandma and everyone knows it. When Landon was born in '06 the Step-Great-Grandpa
(her Husband) was a few floors up in a hospital room too. He never got to see Landon. It was sad.
Ok, I have had enough of all this sadness! I need to cheer up!!! Hmmm, How about a WWE Smackdown party tonight?!? Any of you watch wrestling? My adult beans like it. Mommy's favorites are Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, and John Cena! Oh, and who doesn't love the Undertaker!?! I admit it, I sit on the back of the couch and stare at the tv...they say I'm weird.
Here are some videos of the above mentioned guys.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

It's late but I just wanted to post something I am thankful for....I am thankful to have a very special mancat in my life! His name is Redfurd!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday: Whiskers

When Mommy finds a whisker, I like to eat it! She says I'm weird, but that it's funny to watch. Hope everyone has a good day. Daddy is back to work tomorrow, so maybe I can get back to posting more.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally Friday

Well, I made it thru another week, but the bad thing is Daddy says I get another bath this weekend. They found another flea. Ugh! I don't know how it got in here on me, but they are doing their best to kill the one here and there that they find. But, I will admit I do like how fluffy I am the next day. After I get a bath, the next day, I lay around with my tummy sprawled out waiting to be rubbed. So, it's not all bad I guess.

Oh, and I think it was T'abby Normal who told me about the "Gimp" software. Thank you! Mommy downloaded it and is going to try it out later!

P.S. Mommy finally got the bean, Landon's headshots from the lady last night. She's a little peeved. The lady said she would photoshop his busted & bruised lip when she took the pictures. Well, she didn't do a single one! They wouldn't have gotten them taken if she wasn't going to fix them. They would have waited a bit. It took her 2 weeks to put about 20 pictures on a disk and give it to us, without fixing them. So, mommy did it herself in about five minutes. See, you can't even tell he had a busted lip! So, why did this lady take 2+weeks to get them to us and not even do what she said she would?
Anyway, Landon's headshots are for a talent/modeling agency in our town. Mommy hopes he gets to do some stuff here and there and they are planning on putting the money in the savings account at the bank. Oh, and Eli is doing it aswell. But, don't worry mommy says that it's not going to turn into a crazy parents trying to get their kids on tv type of thing. Just a way to help with the future college fund. :-) Click to biggify and see how good Mommy did on the pic! The second one is using the new Gimp software and Mommy is still figuring it out. So, you can still tell a little bit where his booboo was. The third, well, we will call it an outtake!
*edit*:Mommy can't get them to click to biggify, anyone know why?

Hope everyone has a nice and sleepy weekend. Daddy is off for the next 4 days. Yay!

~Gizmo luffs Redfurd

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tuckered Tuxie Thursday

I am a little tired so I think I'll nap on the couch today...Wanna snuggle, Redfurd?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordy Wednesday: Lil Bit of Everything

My Mommy is a happy Mommy as of last night. She is very happy that Barack Obama gets to be the next President. I don't understand all of this "vote" stuff, but if Mommy says it's good, then it must be...except when she talks about bathtime...eek!

So, see the evil gate in this picture? That monster keeps me from getting in the living room. Normally I wouldnt want to go in there anyway because of the beans messing with me, but when it is closed I HAVE to be right there watching everything that happens. I give Mommy a sad look from the other side of the prison gate, but she says things like "You don't want in here! The boys will get after you!" I guess she is right...

Chloe/Update: She came home from the Funeral Home on Tuesday. She is in a little white box and is right next to Tigger's ashes from a few years ago. Grandma said that when grandpa came in with the pet carrier that Snowy and Sandy came up to it looking for her. When they didn't see her, they ran and hid from them. She said that every so often Sandy would come and peek his head around the corner and look at them then run and hide again. They know something is not right. Poor kitties.

I also wanted to ask you all two questions.
1.)When you make those pretty pictures, what photo editing software do you use? Mommy can't afford PhotoShop, so we need a free something to use. She has a trial of something that costs $100 to purchase, but that's still a little high for the budget right now. Anyone have any ideas what she could use? You can email her/send her a suggestion to her email if you would like: apeclems(at)comcast.net Just replace the "(at)" with @ when you send it.
2.)I have seen some poems about the Rainbow Bridge and was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction to find a good one for grandma to give to her with her scrapbook that is going to have pictures of Chloe in it..

Thanks Effuryone in advance for your help!
~Gizmo <3

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

First of all I would like to say thank you all for the nice comments. I have tried leaving everyone a comment to say thank you, but there were maybe 2 that I was having trouble with the comments box thingy. So, if you don't have a TY comment, please know that I tried to leave one! Here is a picture of the boys on Halloween.
Gizmo: Here is my Tuxie Tuesday photo:

Monday, November 3, 2008

R.I.P. Chloe

Update: I talked to my mother finally. She said that my Step-dad, Steve, took Chloe to a different vet and was told that unless they could pay around $600+ for 3 different tests, to figure out what is wrong, then she only had about 3 months, at the most, to live. And that's not counting all the painful pokes and pricks she would have to endure...She was in pain and was not getting better from the medicine after all. They decided to help her to the bridge this morning and Steve was taking her to the place where my Jewels (RIP 9/16/01) and my mother's other kitty, Tigger (RIP 2006), was cremated to have her cremated as well. I am trying to get around to everyone to leave thank you's for your kind words. However, the beans keep unplugging the laptop and hindering the process. I am making my mother a scrapbook of the boys and her cats for Christmas and am thinking of including a page with all of your comments in it. It would definately take her by surprise and make her smile. My mother sent me a text message saying that Chloe had crossed the bridge. I do not have any details, as I am waiting on her to call me around lunchtime, which is any moment now.

She was doing much, much better last time I talked to her. But, we didn't make it to church yesterday for me to ask my mother about her. I know Sandy and Snowy (Chloe's twin) are probably sad and looking for her.
I will have the full story as soon as my mother calls.

For Redfurd!

Lookie what I got Mommy to make!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween to Efurry One!!!

Happy Halloween All! Mommy made this cute picture of me just for Halloween! I hope Redfurd likes it! It's just a little quick something Mommy threw together!
Luffs, Gizmo <3Are any of you getting to go trick-or-treating? I don't get to. But, the beans are going and will be getting lots of candies! Daddy promised he would give me some stinky goodness while they go out getting the candy! Landon is going to be a little Renaissance boy. Eli will be a Giraffe. Daddy is, of course, going as Kid Rock. Mommy has no idea what to be, so she's thinking of throwing on some pj's and a house coat and putting curlers in her hair and going as a plain old house wife. Poor mommy...she couldnt find her Tennessee Vols cheerleading outfit she made a year ago, so she is limited to what she can be. I am going to be a sleepy kitty with a tummy full of stinky goodness! haha! What are you going to be?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday: Thankful / Chloe

I am thankful for every one of you kitties.

Chloe is doing so much better. Grandma said that she is back to eating and she even WANTS to take her pills every morning! She is taking a antibiotic and a diuretic for the fluid. Again, there are no signs of the hole in her heart. Mommy thinks it was a glitch in the machine, but it's great news. She is getting back to being her playful self. On another note, Sandy is having allergy sniffles ans sneezes again, he has to get shots every few months to keep from getting snot everywhere! Ew! lol

Mommy is also feeling better. However, she is still contemplating going to the human VET just to be checked out. She is 99% sure it's nothing but a normal girly thing, but there is a slight hint in the back of her mind that says it's what she dreads it could be/could have been. I won't go into that b/c it's not good for little kitty eyes to read.

So, on a happier note, I want to say a big LUFFS to my handsome mancat, Redfurd!
Here are some beans pictures Mommy took recently:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Here's a lil tongue action for you all today! lol. Help, I'm in jail!
Grandmommy says that Chloe is doing lots better. She is still weak at times and wants to play but just cant find the energy. Her lungs are looking better too. She is still on antibiotics and they are saying that they couldnt find the hole in her heart yesterday when she went back! Holy Cow! They couldnt find it! That's good news. Maybe good things will keep happening for her! Again, thank you all for your kind prayers and thoughts. Chloe is getting better everyday.

Oh, and Redfurd, I feel like I have been neglecting you with my girlfriendly duties. Mom hasnt been able to help me get online (other than her blackberry) because she has been having her own troubles the past two days. But, she's feeling much better today!
Luffs & Purrs, Gizmo <3

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hey everyone. Things have been crazy with all the running around going on here today. The beans had 2 birthdays to go to and then the Tennessee vs Alabama football game. Anyway, I didn't talk to my mother until just a minute ago. She said that Chloe is actually doing a bit better. Apparently, Chloe wasn't able to lay down unless she was on the back of the couch slumped over it, and today she is able to lay in the floor and actually be somewhat comfortable. So, the prayers from all of you are slowly working for her. Thank you all so much. She still has a ways to go. I don't have any other updates as far as the fluid in her lungs or about the hole in her heart because my mother was in a hurry to get back to work. But, even the slightest bit better is good news. Again, I will keep you all updated on her progress.

Thanks you everyone for asking about her.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Update: Chloe

Update: Mommy here again: My mother called and is on her way to take Chloe back to the vet. She even said that is if she is still here and hasn't crossed the bridge. That is so sad. She said that Sandy, her not white kitty (who looks like Gizmo's man, Redfurd!) who usually doesn't have much to do with the twin whities, has been sittin' there staring at Chloe and even goes up to her and licks her nose. He knows something is wrong and feels bad for her. And for him to do this, it has to be something bad.
Well, mom was supposed to have her there at 3:30cst, so I should have another update in a bit. Please say more prayers and send purs her way. This is making my mother feel very sad. And I have no idea how Snowy is feeling. She is Chloe's twin. So, they are usually inseparable and if all goes bad, then she will probably be very saddened as well.
Ok, well we are getting a new couch and love seat tomorrow morning. I gotta clean up the living room and figure out a way to get this old recliner couch out the door. My husband isn't home yet, and I am tired from the day of worrying about Chloe, keeping up with the boys, and trying to figure out how we are going to fit the new couch/ls in here tomorrow...

You Are All So Sweet!

Thank you for all the prayers for Chloe. Mommy almost started crying reading all the comments from the last post. I believe that every prayer will help her. Mommy said she can't get over how nice everyone from the cat blogosphere is. I feel like you all have become some of my closest friends over these months I have been blogging. You are all always there to help a kitty in need. I am very grateful to have friends like you. I will update everyone on Chloe's condition as grandma let's us know. Thank You again!!!

PeeEs: Mommy got the sniffles helping me type this. :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please Say A Prayer for Grandma's Kitty, Chloe

April here, I just wanted to take a few minutes to ask for prayers for my mother's kitty, Chloe. She had taken all three of her cats to the vet last week for their shots, etc. Well, they noticed Chloe was having trouble breathing. Well, she has since been back I believe two times. JB, the vet, said that she has fluid on her lungs and is on antibiotics. BUT, he also said that she has a hole somewhere in there. I am guessing in her heart or somewhere like that. And that is also making her breathe harder. My mother has had the twins for only a year, so it's very sad. She doesn't know what is going to ultimately happen to Chloe. I believe she has to go back soon to see if the antibiotics are helping. My mother also said she may need surgery. She doesnt think they could afford it if Chloe does need it. She said she may have to just let her go in peace if nothing else can be done. It is so sad....Here is a picture of Chloe with Landon.

I would also like to thank our friends over at Whimpurr's Whim who have given us an award to brighten our day!! Thank you so much, everyone!

Here are the award instructions:

Put the logo on your blog.
Add a link to the person who awarded you.
Nominate 10 other blogs.
Add links to those blogs on yours.
Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
I would like to pass this award along to:
Angus Mhor; Cat's Eye; Derby; Forty Paws; Survival of the Furriest/Monty Q;
PB&J Is My Favorite; Victor the Vampire Kitty; Island Cats; Tybalt, the Prince of Cats;
The Ballicus Blog!!!!

Thanks again everyone for praying for my mother's kitty. It means a lot, and I know purrs and prayers can and will help her!!

~April, the mama bean.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Me in an old rocking chair that belonged to mommy's grandmommy. I was chasing a light reflection and mommy snuck a picture of me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Tocktober!!

Happy Birthday, Derby! Here's my 'Tocktober picture!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Lazy Sunday

Well it's a lazy Sunday around here again. So, not much to meow about today. With this cooler weather, I am sleepin more and taking it easy.
But, I do want to say that I am going to try to get better at leaving comments for everybody who leaves me one. It's hard to do with a Mommy who is always having to do something with/for the beans. And we all know I am not good at typing on a laptop. Hehe.
Oh, and Redfurd, I hope you're having a good weekend! I am going to try to get mommy to make a nice picture of me and you together soon!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Left Alone Saturday...

Sorry I haven't been able to post until now. The mommy and daddy and beans have been in and out since 9:00 this morning. Oldest bean, Landon, had headshots made for a Talent Agent. Then they dropped off their step-sister and THEN went to Wal-Mart for groceries. Mommy saved $26.95 with coupons! GO Mommy! They also got me a new comb and some stuff for fleas. She found one on me after that doggie had been hanging around so she wanted to be sure there are no more.
So, hope everyone has a great weekend!
My Luffs to Redfurd! *sigh*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Clean Kitty is A Happy Kitty

Last night after my bath:

This morning:

My new bald spot...Redfurd, you still luffs me right? Even like this?