Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally Friday

Well, I made it thru another week, but the bad thing is Daddy says I get another bath this weekend. They found another flea. Ugh! I don't know how it got in here on me, but they are doing their best to kill the one here and there that they find. But, I will admit I do like how fluffy I am the next day. After I get a bath, the next day, I lay around with my tummy sprawled out waiting to be rubbed. So, it's not all bad I guess.

Oh, and I think it was T'abby Normal who told me about the "Gimp" software. Thank you! Mommy downloaded it and is going to try it out later!

P.S. Mommy finally got the bean, Landon's headshots from the lady last night. She's a little peeved. The lady said she would photoshop his busted & bruised lip when she took the pictures. Well, she didn't do a single one! They wouldn't have gotten them taken if she wasn't going to fix them. They would have waited a bit. It took her 2 weeks to put about 20 pictures on a disk and give it to us, without fixing them. So, mommy did it herself in about five minutes. See, you can't even tell he had a busted lip! So, why did this lady take 2+weeks to get them to us and not even do what she said she would?
Anyway, Landon's headshots are for a talent/modeling agency in our town. Mommy hopes he gets to do some stuff here and there and they are planning on putting the money in the savings account at the bank. Oh, and Eli is doing it aswell. But, don't worry mommy says that it's not going to turn into a crazy parents trying to get their kids on tv type of thing. Just a way to help with the future college fund. :-) Click to biggify and see how good Mommy did on the pic! The second one is using the new Gimp software and Mommy is still figuring it out. So, you can still tell a little bit where his booboo was. The third, well, we will call it an outtake!
*edit*:Mommy can't get them to click to biggify, anyone know why?

Hope everyone has a nice and sleepy weekend. Daddy is off for the next 4 days. Yay!

~Gizmo luffs Redfurd


Anonymous said...

I kinda like the out take one the bestst! It shows his character! :)
hehe They haz a lot of those "modeling" things in the papers over here, however they get the parents to get "professional;" pictures done from a photographer they "recommend" and then charge a fortune and never contact the children, but that is here, it woz a big scam at one stage but I thinks peoplez has wisened up a little.
Have a wonderful few days off with your Dadda!! Dadda time is very special to us all here :)


Anonymous said...

We like the "outtake" one the best too!

When you upload the photos to blogger, make sure you have the size set to large before you hit Upload.

Daisy said...

Landon is adorable!

Everycat said...

Maybe your Mom and Dad could use a spot on flea treatment for the fleas. The ones from the vet work really well and are very safe (thinking of the small beans here and you) Having so many baths must wipe you out Gizmo.

The outtake is brilliant!

Whicky Wuudler

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

Absolutely adorable! That out-take might land him a spot on a tv show! ;o)

Purrs and kisses to Gizmo from Redfurd!

-d ma said...

very cute kid...

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a cute little human. He does look better without his fingers up his nose, but we don't see a split lip in either pic.