Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad News

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Mom's been very busy working on Christmas presents. She's crocheting hats and scarfs for everyone. Like 15 to get done in what...15 days now. She has 7 left so slowly but surely.
Anyway, internet is still not on. Money is really really tight right now. So Christmas is going to not be as good as it was going to be. See the big high up boss people of Daddys can't decide how much his bonus is going to be. They usually have it by Thanksgiving and now the rumor is it may not be until the first of the year but maybe early as the 22nd of December. We were really counting on this money to get bills caught up but its not happening. I don't know what we're gonna do. I may be having to just post this way with no pictures for a while. Sorry Redfurd, no new pictures!
Ooooo Mommy is PiSsEd at a darn dog too! Some stupid person let their rabid mean dog out and he KILLED our neighbor kitty,Scabby!!!! This was Saturday I think. Scabby's bean daddy was outside waiting for him with a gun but couldn't get him. We are scared that this dog will hurt one of the kids (they have a little girl). Landon likes to run in the yard when going to or from the car & the dog could run up & hurt him. Mom doesn't even want to walk to the mailbox. Apparently the dog killed other kitties recently too. One lady thinks she knows who he belongs to and that the lady could care less what her dog has done. So Colin our neighbor(Scabbys owner) is going to look into it. Don't get them wrong we all love doggies and Colin has 3, but with what this one did, it is unforgiveable. Scabby was such a sweet and loveable cat. He seemed as much ours as he was theirs. He would run over to greet us every time we went outside. And now he's gone because some lady let her beast into a neighborhood full of KIDS and other small pets. Ok, this is just getting me worked up again so I'm gonna go. Just wanted to leave a little update on everything...and to sum up in one word....BAD!!!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

We hope things start looking up for you soon! WE're not going to have a glitzy Christmas either but maybe Jan will let us have some nipnog to celebrate?

That is sad about Scabby! That lady needs to keep her dog contained to protect the neighborhood.

Hang in there!

-d ma said...

very sad news about scabby. i wish people would be more responsible...

hang in there. i hope things get better soon.

Daisy said...

I think home-made gifts are the best kind!

I am sorry that dog got Scabby. The dog's owner is very wrong to let his dog do things like that.

Dana said...

Oh goodness....we sure hope things start looking up for you guys and your daddy gets a big bonus real soon! Hearing about that mean dog and what he did to the kitty makes us mad, mostly at his owner!
~The Creek Cats~

Anonymous said...

I thinks maybee you should go to the police. They have the resources to deal with these kind of things. And no-one else will get hurt and it can be done in the right way.And quicker :)
Is ok Gizmo, you o not need a lot of money to enjoy Christmas, It is not all about the pressies etc it is about just family being together.
Things always work out, just try your best and enjoy the rest :)


Cafe Cats said...

Oh Gizmo, what terrible sad news. We'll be purring for Scabby's family and we hope that the police catch that horrible dog AND it's owner!

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

Hi sweetie! We are so sorry to hear the sad news about your neighbor's kitty ... that dog needs to be caught and the owner FINED!

We are also very sorry about your financial troubles right now ... things will get better though! Just focus on the true meaning of Christmas and how very blessed you are to have a beautiful little family!

Redfurd sends big kitty kisses and cuddles to his girl Gizmo!!!

Everycat said...

I am sorry that Scabby got killed, that's just the pits. If beans are scared of this dog too, then maybe it's time to involve the police and animal control?

I hope things sort themselves out money wise. I think many people are having a thrifty Christmas this year, you are not alone


T'Abby Normal said...

We hope things turn to the better for you. Our mom says she knows exactly how you feel.

In the mean time, let off some steam and join us at our blog for Abby's first birthday party!! Whee!

The Creek Cats said...

Hi Gizmo!
We wanted to let you know that we have moved. Our new location is

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Gizmo, We want to wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas. We hope it turns out to be very special and filled with happiness.

Kaz's Cats said...

We're sorry that poor Scabby was killed because of an irresponsible dog owner. Purrs to Scabby's family...We're hoping that you guys all have a great Christmas together, 'cos that's the important part of the holiday season. We're also hoping that your Daddy got some sort of bonus for all of his hard work.


Gypsy & Tasha