Thursday, September 4, 2008

I like windows...

Yeah, this is an older pic (a few months), but Mommy thinks it's cute. The second is a closer one. I was looking outside at the neighbor's kitty, Scabby. I don't like him. But, Mommy and daddy and the beans do. I do not know why...because I am their kitty...Mommy says that she likes to pet and feed other kitties in the neighborhood because it makes her feel good. I guess if she's helping out other kitties it is okay. As long as they do not come into MY house!

Oh, and don't forget that everyone around here is leaving on Friday! And won't be back until Sunday afternoon/night. I am thinking of throwing a party!


-d ma said...

scabby? i think I'm with u. I'm not sure I'd trust a cat named Scabby.

Hope your beans have a nice lil trip. Hope you enjoy having the house to yourself and/or party.

Whicky Wuudler said...

I'm with you on the window sitting Gizmo. I love sentry duty and I'll give the odd growl too when strange cats walk by.

DEBRA said...

Did you say partee?


*woo hoo*

Let us know....