Friday, September 26, 2008


So, Daddy has taken off work yesterday and today, so Mom's been busy with him and the beans playing and leaving a lot here and there. It's late but I thought I'd post a Friday picture for you all to see...This is me looking out the window, smellin the smells, and enjoying my open window time.
p.s. I see lots of kitties that have bf/gf's and got me to thinking that I need to find me a man kitty to lufs!!! Mommy says she thinks she saw a blog for kitties to find luvs one time, but sadly she can't find it you know where I can find it?


-d ma said...

wish we could help u out but diego-san is way too into himself, theo is way too immature and thompson i think might be gay...

Whicky Wuudler said...

Is this the site you were looking for Gizmo?

It is run by Queen Snickers.

I don't think a pretty girl like you will haveany trouble finding a beau!

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous! We're sure you'll find a suitable suitor!

-d ma said...

stop on over to the boyz's blog. we've given u another award.

Anonymous said...

I thinks you should just do the travels and be like beautiful Elsie at Whiskers and Purrs.
Ifs you like someone you see tell them so!!
We is in the oo?'s nowdays! :))