Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally Friday!

It's Friday & I just feel like lounging around with the beans...


DEBRA said...


Sometimes I run like a bunny with both back feet together. Momma just loves that I am round like a tiny little bowling ball....she loves my bottom and I fuss at her when she rubs me...although I do finally like the tummy rubs...


Tuxedo Gang said...

That is very fun to lounge around with the beans!
So sorry, I haven't finished the TGH Bio's for you and the Club you created. Mom has been doing all the care of our GMa who has Alzheimer's for the last 7 days because the lady who usually helps is on vacation! She will be working on it this weekend and we will have it up on Monday!
Your Tuxedo Gang furiend,

Ana said...

Snuggling in the bed of the humans is really wonderful!

Have a great weekend!