Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I had ANOTHER visitor in my room this weekend. Just like last weekend. This time it was my Daddy's little girl that doesnt live here all the time. But, when she does come over she takes over MY room. I am going to have to have a serious conversation with my mommy and daddy so they understand that I do not want visitors!!
As for this afternoon, I plan on taking it easy yet again once the visitor leaves. Mommy is trying to decide if her and the other beans are going to the 2008 Helen Keller Festival.
The website says no animals allowed (unless they are helping the handicapped), so I couldn't go if I wanted to!
I also thought I would share some pictures that mommy did on Sketch My Photo for free. They also let you get an even better quality sketch if you pay only $2.00...




Also, again if anyone knows of any manx or bobtailed kitties, let them know about the BobTailed Kitties Group!!!
Other than myself, we only have 2 other kitties! When we get more, Mommy and I plan on doing fun contests and other fun stuff!

=^..^= GIZMO


Daisy said...

I do not enjoy visitors, either. It makes me too scairt.

Lux said...

That's a cool site - I like the sketches!

-d ma said...

i love the sketches.

i think you should try to like visitors. many of them can be OK.

Praline said...

Hey! One advantage of the little girl bean is that you have one more person to give you extra loving and petting.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

i get nervous when there are visitors too. i don't think i'd like them staying in my room.

what a cool sketch of you! I know of only 2 other short tailed kitties. Angus
and Oscar at Artsy Catsy (but they haven't posted this week again)