Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Meme

Hey, I got tagged for a meme by Mr. Hendrix for the Cold Box Meme.
There isnt a whole lot on there, let me see if I can remember what is:

On the front: A dry erase board/caendar board, Pictures from when both the baby boy beans were in the hospital, Picture of my step-sister bean, Pictures of Mommy and Daddy before they had me, Random magnets for businesses...

On the left side: Daddy's work calendar, More pictures of the boy beans, Cute and colorful circle magnets, Papers for Daddy's meetings he sometimes goes to, 2 Elvis Presley magnets (those are mommy's)...

On the right side: A silver bottle opener and that's it because it is the side next to the buffet that holds the microwave and cereals.

I don't have any pictures of the cold thing, but I will take some just to show you all!

I would like to tag:
My buds from The Bobtailed Kitties Group which are: Abby,Angus Mhor, and Tybalt!!!


DEBRA said...


Fanks for the tag...we will do ours as soon as we can get Momma to use that flashy box,which doesn't take much encouragement cuz she loves to take pictures of us...and I'm sure we can get her to get a picture of that cold box...


Tybalt said...

Thanks for the tag, Gizmo! Now I know what to do for my Mancat Monday!!!!

muffinmidi said...

Hi! Ijust discovered your blog. My mommy calls me silly names and cuddles me and takes pics of me, too.