Friday, July 25, 2008

Skeerdy Kat

I was a skeerdy kat just while ago! I was coming out for my morning scritchins when everyone gets up and next thing I know there is some tall man coming MY backdoor! I ran in mommy's room and hid...only to hear this man and realize that it was in fact MY DADDY!!! Yay! He was having to fill the gas tanks in the trucks for his job and he snuck off to come see us! hehe. Once I heard it was him, I came back out. So, I am pretty sure that this has messed me up for the day because I usually go hide when he leaves for work at 5:30am and as soon as he comes home at 3:30, I come out stretchin and ready to see him. I dont' like being messed with by the beans so I just stay in my own room and sleep the day away. Happy and content...until I get woke up by a bean screaming!

I would just like to thank everyone who has been wishing Landon a Happy Birthday. His b'day is actually on August 2nd, but I have been mad crazy trying to get the house VERY clean for the party which is going to be here this year. It was at a local park-thingy last year and was very hot, plus I was pregnant with Eli then, and it was horrible. So, we are having it here this year. The theme is Spongebob. Landon loves it. I'm going to have a section of the kitchen for "Jellyfish Fields" and his little pool will say "Goo Lagoon" as well as other things. I am making the SB cake as well. I will let Gizmo post some pictures after the party for you all to see.
Well, I hope everyone has a happy Friday and weekend!!!


Daisy said...

Do not worry about being scairt! I always run and hide whenever I even hear the doorbell ring.

-d ma said...

Doesn't your daddy smell? i think my boyz know me by my smell and I feel sorry for them if my smell isn't all that pleasant.