Monday, August 11, 2008

Lookout! DEER!!!!!

Thia is a photo of the baby deer (fawn) that my Mommy's step-dad, Steve, brought home from work this past Friday. He works for TVA and this isnt the first time he has brought an animal home. My first sister, Jewels (RIP 9/16/01), was also from his plant. So, grnadma called my Mommy and told her about it and then sent us this picture. She said that a man Steve works with is going to come get him and raise him. Said that he already has like 7 already! Wow! This man is really nice to raise these baby deer. Mommy asked what happened to his/her mother and she said that Steve said that his mommy just left him. All alone. Poor baby! But he's in good hands now.
While he was at my grandma's house he played in their backyard, and even hopped in their little pond/fountan with fish thingy!

Grandma said he was so cute running and jumping around out there. Mommy was going to take the boys to see him, but she was in town when she got the call and the boys were at home. Plus the man was coming to get him soon.

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-d ma said...

that's very nice she's taking care of the baby deer. i think i prefer a cat myself...