Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So much going on...

Well, A lot has happened that has made us all very busy around here lately.
(BTW, this is April, aka, Mommy.)

Firstly, about two weeks ago Landon fell on a chopstick and punctured the back of his mouth and has been on antibiotics just incase. He was taken to the ER to make sure there wasnt damage we couldnt see and had no internal bleeding. They did a CATscan and no knicks of the artery were found and no swelling as well. Just a pocket of air...And a sinus infection we had no idea he had. No congestion or anything, but oh well. We just had to watch him for breathing problems for a few days. He is all better now but still has a crescent moon shape hole/indentation in the back of his mouth though. When we were told that he was okay we were also informed that if it had been over just a little bit, that we never would have made it to the ER with him...But, he is doing fine now. Thank God!
On a lighter note, Eli had his first Birthday party this past Saturday. His b'day isnt actually til this Friday, but there were grandparents who couldnt make it this Saturday. He got lots of Monster trucks and hot wheels cars. My mother and grandmother also got him LOTS of baby food and he's been gobbling itup ever since. Landon has also been playing with the little girl next door. He loves it when he gets to play with her. She's about 5 months younger, but they are much closer in age than him and Eli are. For Valentine's day, they came over for burgers and I made her her own little heart cake from Landon. It was so cute!
(Eli making his "mad" face at the camera.)I have also been slowly working on -D ma's scarf. I get a row here and there done inbetween Mr. Piggy (Eli) wanting to eat, again..and diapers/potty training, and all that other mommy stuff. Fun times I tell ya!! lol.
Now, here's Gizmo!!!
Hey I got an award!!!! It's from -D ma, Diego, Theo, & Thompson over at Cat's Eye!!!
The rules are to list six things that make me happy.
I love when I snuggle beside daddy at night for my nightly luvins.
I love me some "good food"/the wet food in the pouch.
I am happy when I can sleep on the back of the couch undisturbed by beans.
I love having a cup of water in the bath tub. Mom thinks I'm crazy.
I LOVE chasing a laser light! I jump up the walls!
I am happy because I have a nice warm forever home.
(I wish all kitties could have forever homes!)
Thanks Boyz!!!
I would like to tag: Redfurd & all the kitties at Whimpurrs Whim, Victor & Mushka, Chica & Pumuckl, DaisyMae Mau & Feline Americans.
Ok, now I can get back to what I do best....SLEEP!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy (Late) Valentine's Day!

Hello everyone! I know it's late but I finally made Mommy get on to post.
I would justlike to say Happy Valentine's Day to Redfurd, my oh-so-handsome mancat. And also to everyone else out there in the cat blogosphere and human-sphere as well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuxie Tuesday

Just a few LOLs to satisfy your need for funny...
funny pictures of cats with captions

funny pictures of cats with captions

funny pictures of cats with captions

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Well, let's see...I am thankful to be an inside kitty where it's always nice and warm. 'Nuf said.

pee-ess...Redfurd, wanna come over and snuggle? I miss my mancat!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Few And Far Between

The beans are feeling better now, so I should be able to get mom to help me blog some more now. She has still been busy crocheting lots of goodies lately. (-d ma I havent forgotten about your scarf!)
I on the other hand have been taking it easy and soaking up bits of sunshine here and there around the house. Mommy loves to come find me and feel of my warm furs from the sunlight.
Well, I will try to get mommy started on that scarf she promised Diego, Theo, and Thompson's Daddy over at Cat's Eye.
Until Tomorrow.....I bid you all a Good Day!! lol

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I guess it's about time..

..that I got back to posting on here. Things have been crazy with all the holiday stuffs. So, I got a new kitty bed for Christmas! It looks just like the one Whimpurr's kitties have that I saw on a video on her blog!!! How cool is that? I don't sleep in mine when people are awake. I dont want them to see me actually using it. So, when they go to sleep, that's when I snuggle into it. But, I have been caught a few times already.
So, how did the Holidays go for all of you? I hope you all got lots of goodies to play with and eat.
Apparently, someone came to our house that was/has been sick and didnt tell us. So, Landon, the 2yr old bean, is congested and sneezing and just not feeling good. Mommy hates it when people dont care about getting kids sick. Ugh! Oh, and also Eli, 9 months, has to get his shots today. They are his 6 month shots, but mommy and daddy decided to wait a while before he got anymore b/c they hate babies getting shots. Autism is one in 100 for boys. So, he is getting these shots 3-almost 4 months later. Anyway, I gotta let mommy get on here and check something before they have to go get those shots. Can you all say Tylenol?!? Yeah, for Eli to help the shots not be so bad. Redfurd, I havent forgotten about you! I am so very sorry I wasnt able to be on here and to send you a little something for Christmas. But, I hope you did get lots of goodies anyway. Want to come over later and snuggle in my new kitty bed?


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all get lots of stinky goodness and toys. I have received some Christmas cards from you all and they put a smile on my face. I am very sorry I havent been able to send one back to you all in return.
Daddy finally get his bonus, but it's all gone already from some things called "bills"..but, I got some stinky goodness and a clean litter box and that is all I want!!

Merry Christmas to my handsome mancat, Redfurd!!!!! *kisses*

Love you all!
& April, Michael, Eli, and Landon!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad News

Sorry I haven't posted lately. Mom's been very busy working on Christmas presents. She's crocheting hats and scarfs for everyone. Like 15 to get done in what...15 days now. She has 7 left so slowly but surely.
Anyway, internet is still not on. Money is really really tight right now. So Christmas is going to not be as good as it was going to be. See the big high up boss people of Daddys can't decide how much his bonus is going to be. They usually have it by Thanksgiving and now the rumor is it may not be until the first of the year but maybe early as the 22nd of December. We were really counting on this money to get bills caught up but its not happening. I don't know what we're gonna do. I may be having to just post this way with no pictures for a while. Sorry Redfurd, no new pictures!
Ooooo Mommy is PiSsEd at a darn dog too! Some stupid person let their rabid mean dog out and he KILLED our neighbor kitty,Scabby!!!! This was Saturday I think. Scabby's bean daddy was outside waiting for him with a gun but couldn't get him. We are scared that this dog will hurt one of the kids (they have a little girl). Landon likes to run in the yard when going to or from the car & the dog could run up & hurt him. Mom doesn't even want to walk to the mailbox. Apparently the dog killed other kitties recently too. One lady thinks she knows who he belongs to and that the lady could care less what her dog has done. So Colin our neighbor(Scabbys owner) is going to look into it. Don't get them wrong we all love doggies and Colin has 3, but with what this one did, it is unforgiveable. Scabby was such a sweet and loveable cat. He seemed as much ours as he was theirs. He would run over to greet us every time we went outside. And now he's gone because some lady let her beast into a neighborhood full of KIDS and other small pets. Ok, this is just getting me worked up again so I'm gonna go. Just wanted to leave a little update on everything...and to sum up in one word....BAD!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

April here: Well the power is back on as of yesterday afternoon. However now its our cable internet that's all screwy. I was told they are working on the lines around here for that digital changeover stuff in February. The cable itself is fine. Its just the internet. Whatever! I am paying a pretty penny to have it so it better be working soon! I swear if it's not one thing it's something else! Can you tell it's been a rough few days? Lol. And yes, I am typing this at 3-something in the morning. Eli has been fussing all night. Waking me up every little bit. It's going to be a long day...So, I hope you all have a nice Hump Day!
Here's Giz...
Hey everyone. I am awake and up with Mommy. She's had a rough day so I am following her around and meowing very loudly to make her feel better. She keeps telling me to be quiet, to not wake Eli back up.
Oh, and Redfurd *sigh* I would love to come by for some snuggles!
Well, I hope everyone is inside and nice and toasty today!
See you all later. I will try to leave a few comments but its a lot slower doing it from a BlackBerry. Toodles!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Power

No pictures today. I am posting from mom's phone. Our power is off. Apparently there were problems with the check last month. But they can't figure out why. So, daddy is at the utility department trying to show them it cleared. Lights are ok to be off but power for our electric heaters is not. This is the one time they are glad they have gas heat too and its not off. So, when its back on later I will post a picture